Food-O-Rama Grant Park

April 16, 2016, 11 a.m.


Event Description

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Make your own history at one of the most historical locations in Atlanta! Grant Park will be hosting its finest Food-O-Rama on April 16, 2016. The event will be one of high spirits, community bonding, and great food! Grant Park is ecstatic to welcome people of all ages for an event that will bring together the past and present by playing on the park's historical value and the new innovations in the food truck industry.

The Food-o-Rama will gather Atlanta's top Food Vendors in one place 11am to 8pm. The food itself will mirror the diversity Atlanta is so known for, holding a different cultures around every corner. The vendors will be selling small portions from their trucks, allowing attendees to partake in multiple delicacies and not be constrained to choosing just one amazing dish.

With a total of 30 vendors participating in this year's even, the different combinations of appetizers to choose from its endless! Indie South Fair will be bringing 20 + makers from Athens and Atlanta!

Attendees can mingle with their peers whilst enjoying spectacular food, captivating scenery and listening to live music. Without the past, the future would hold no excitement. Grant Park's Food-o-Rama is bringing together the community in a location that holds powerful historical significance to the city of Atlanta. We hope you join us for this day of celebration of Atlanta's past, present, and future!

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