From Paychec Ks to Power

April 2, 2016, 9 a.m.

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40 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA

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With the amount of stress in the world we face daily, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is money. However, for most Americans, the truth is we are living paycheck to paycheck, financially in duress and squandering our money in the blink of an eye. Have you been working tirelessly, day to day and week to week for a job that you don’t even like, yet you still have nothing to show for it? Nothing but a small savings at the end of the month - or even worse, no savings at all? Do you have a great credit score, but your bank account’s portfolio doesn't resemble financial success? Better yet, are you a millennial with a boatload of student loans ready to capsize like the Titanic each month struggling to stay afloat? Finally, for those who appear to be living the American Dream, with a great salary, plus amenities, and still end up squandering their entire paycheck and going in debt simply to keep up with the Joneses, then you are no more well off than anyone else. If any of these descriptions even remotely resembles your present financial struggles, fear no more, there is help on the horizon.

Work and day to day life can be stressful enough as it is, but when you are living from paycheck to paycheck it can be even more exhausting. That financial fatigue plus burnout often stops us from pursuing our dreams or enjoying and enhancing our quality of life spent with friends and family. How many of us have regrets of major pursuits, education opportunities, business and life plans that we’ve turned down due to our state of finances? What’s even worse, is that “this” has become what's considered normal. In a world with billions of individuals, why be a clone? Just like an incompatible match on a blind date, you don’t have to settle for that type of financial normalcy! You owe it to yourself to not settle on monetary mediocrity and to truly change, people! It's time to be...weird! It’s time to become financially free and live up to your true potential.

In order to break free from the monotonous money cycle you will need help, discipline and a serious plan. Atlanta’s new savvy and serious expert financial coach, Shannaan Dawda of True Financial is ready to kick you into shape with this amazing and life changing intensive financial boot camp. During this bootcamp seminar you will become excited about the future of your finances, prepared on how to tackle the money challenges facing you, be strengthened and gain discipline in creating a budgeting plan and STICKING TO IT, and learn how to trim the fat and drop the financial dead weight that is holding you back from staring at your lovely portfolio on the screen with pride. Coach Dawda will show you how to dominate financially in our ever-changing financial economy.

Winning with money is not solely about what you make, but what you can do with the money that you earn! So, forget about the get rich quick schemes, pyramid plans, real estate myths, or any other way claiming to grant you money fast! We must address the beliefs and behaviors that make and keep YOU broke. Coach Dawda gives you a simple and easy instructional plan to follow. Once you learn how to win with money, we guarantee that you'll start winning in every other area of your life.


Disclaimer: This power session isn’t for everybody. This boot camp is ONLY for those who want to take immediate action and invest in themselves to become financially free and empowered RIGHT NOW. Just from attending this power session you can learn how to:

-Identify your financial personality and how it's affecting your bank account.
-Identify the areas holding you back and how to stop your bad money habits.
-Develop the proper mindset required to build and sustain wealth.
-Create a detailed and effective budget that works for you.
-Establish an effective way and timeline to eliminate debts.
-Breakdown and truly understand the credit scoring system.
-Save and invest your money like never before.
-Learn ways to change your life and family tree forever by building serious wealth.


Along with Coach Dawda, he’s partnered up with three of Atlanta’s top financial advisors, trainers and entrepreneurs. First on the team roster to help steer you towards financial freedom are Alok Deshpande, President and Lead Trainer of Smart Path Financial, LLC. He left a career in consulting to pursue his dream of teaching in personal finance. Alok successfully manages and teaches thousands of families wealth wellness with one-on-one personalized coaching all designed to improve their lives and focus on building and managing money. He holds a BBA and MBA from prestigious universities Emory and Harvard


Up next is Sonia Booker, highly sought after financial expert, public speaker, best selling author. She’s earned the moniker, “Wealth Builder.” Booker has been invited by Fortune 500 companies to speak at summits, and conferences all across America. Sonia currently sits on the Board of Directors for The Gallagher Group (TGG) and is using her knowledge as a fund manager to orchestrate an IPO for that company.

Last but certainly not least is, Terrell Dinkins a noted financial advisor, wealth empowerment speaker, and author with a knack for creating innovative and intelligent financial strategies for her clients. Her advice has been featured in numerous magazines and publications. She has also traveled internationally speaking to audiences on finance and her unique one bucket system to wealth building. She is an Atlanta native and holds degrees and certifications from Georgia Southern (B.B.A), Mercer University (M.B.A) and University of Georgia (Executive Program in Financial Planning).

With a top rated ALL STAR team like that, there’s no way that you should miss out on this opportunity to change your life and start winning with money. As with any powerful session offered these days, time is of the essence and seats are quickly filling. Seriously, ask yourself how much do think that a life changing boot camp by top rated financial coaches is worth? $2,000? $1,500? $1,000? Well Coach Dawda not only wants to help you to save money to put in the bank but to save on the important things that you invest in. This empowering and game changing session is available at two rates, the early bird for $99 single, $149 couple, or regular priced for $149 single, $199 couple. That’s a phenomenal deal and a great way to kickstart the rest of your year into high gear financially. Wait no more, because the time is now to take control of your finances and life; when you get your money right, you get your life right. We at True Financial want you to own your power in life by becoming financially free. Get your ticket today and start managing your money with power!

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