Muslim Contributions to Civilization

March 3, 2015, 11:30 a.m.

Classes & Workshops

1349 West Peachtree St NW #1010, Atlanta, GA 30309

Event Description

The Atlantic Institute and Go Eat Give are excited to announce a series of speakers and panel discussion to raise awareness of intercultural beliefs around the world. Our first joint event features Ms. Fairyal Halim from the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta. Halim is originally from Toronto, Canada where she worked in the area of Human Rights and to protect the rights of Developmentally Disabled individuals. In her presentation, she will explore the various aspects of culture and knowledge which Muslims contributed to over the centurings, including food, clothing, furniture, music, architecture, mathematics, medicine, astronomy, and more. 

Admission is $10

Ticket includes light lunch and presentation. 

For more information, call Jennifer Gibbs 404-254-4844. 

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