Stone Mountain Hike

June 7, 2015, 10:30 a.m.

Endurance Sports

1000Robert E Lee Boulevard, Stone Mountain, GA 30083, USA

Event Description

Salaam and Greetings Dear Family ... 
Outdoor Adventure continues with the Brother2Brothers Men's Foundation.

Meet us at the base of Stone Mountain, June 7th @10:30pmE

We will stretch, and then begin the ascent at 11:00am SHARP !

Our Stone Mountain Hike is just one in a series of "Outdoor Adventure" events

that will be hosted at various venues, in Georiga, this spring and summer.
for our men and youth.

These events are designed to give our men and youth an opportunity
to exert themsleves, in a outdoor environment, while participating in
meaningful discussions about personal initiative, personal responsibility,
male comraderie, family, community life, and the urgent issues of the day. 

Directions and Free Parking For This Event ... Go HERE=>

The Positive Effects of this interaction are beyond our imaginings.
We encourage muslim men and youth to share this news ...
and come out to join us, by the HUNDREDS !

Upcoming Events ... See our new website for details:


Brother2Brothers ... 
is a national foundation for Men and Youth, with affiliations in several cities.
See mission , here=>
Please spread the word !

Go over to the Facebook Group, and join the newly formed group=>

then add several people to the new facebook group, 
that you believe have an interest in building positive outcomes,
for men and youth in our communities.

Stay strong, stay active ... Stay in touch

Meet us at the base of Stone Mountain, Sunday June 7th@10:30

ma as-salaama,

Muhammad Mahdi


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