OUR FAMILY OUR FUTURE Lecture Series by Sheikh Omar Husain

July 31, 2015, noon

Classes & Workshops

RCM (Friday @2:00pm), East Cobb Islamic Center (Friday @ 8:30pm), Masjid Omar (Saturday @ 12:30pm), Humzah Masjid (Saturday @ 8:30pm)

Event Description

-Friday July 31st : Khutbah at RCM: “The Devil Made Me Do


- Friday July 31st : 8:30 pm at East Cobb Islamic Center

“Loving the Beloved of Allah swt”.

- Saturday August 1st: 12:30pm at Masjid Omar “All

Roads Lead to Allah swt”.

- Saturday August 1st: 8:30 pm at Humzah Masjid “Like

Father Like Son”.

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