Rizq Management: Personal Finance & Debt Elimination

April 25, 2015, 3 p.m.

Classes & Workshops

3580 Sweetwater Road, Duluth, GA 30096, USA

Event Description

Our rizq (sustenance) is a blessing from God, Most High, but it's also a test of our true character and self. How do we manage this sustenance that's been entrusted (amana) to us & do we make the most of what we've been blessed with? How do we deal with debt and are we on the right track to eliminate these financial shackles from our lives?

Madina Institute U.S.A is pleased to host the Founder & Financial Couch at True Financial, Shannaan Dawda for an enlightening talk on Rizq Management! Shannaan is the author of "From Paychecks to Power," and his book will also be available for sale after the program insha'Allah!

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