Short Films Screening by Chapter One Filmworks on November 15th

Nov. 15, 2014, 5 p.m.

Performing Arts

Emory University, 605 Asbury Circle, Atlanta, GA 30322, USA

Event Description

Screening for Short Films by Chapter One Filmworks at Harland Cinema (Emory University) on November 15th at 5 PM! This event is free of cost.

The films explore the themes of dysfunctional relationships, economic struggles and race relations. Please check the films along with their descriptions below and come on November 15th, Saturday. Snacks will be provided!
Produced by Hammad Rahman
Written and Directed by Asad Farooqui
Edited by Aneel Khan


It’s date night at a Thai restaurant. Amir and Nadia show exactly how much they love each other.
Tagline: Love is in the…where?
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Running Time: 8 minutes and 1 second

A man’s refusal to give into societal economics makes him question his own self-worth. Al is a married man and a soon to be father. His wife, Sarah, has slowly started to resent him.
Tagline: Life or Debt?
Genre: Drama/Black Comedy
Running Time: 17 minutes and 31 seconds

What seems to be getting everyone’s attention in the city streets of Atlanta?
Genre: Mockumentary
Running Time: 2 minutes and 57 seconds

In this satirical comedy set in Pakistan, 3 burglars decide to rob a house. But not all of them agree on the loot.
Tagline: Welcome to the Pakistani Robbery!
Genre: Satire/Comedy
Running Time: 12 minutes and 15 seconds

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