Mental Health Workshop: Depression & Anxiety in the Muslim Community

March 16, 2014, 10 a.m.

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The CDC & ADAA estimate that nearly 1 in every 5 Americans are affected with some Anxiety Disorder and nearly 1 in every 10 are suffering from depression. These conditions have touched us all, whether directly or indirectly, and all though these are very treatable conditions, many go without help or treatment. Madina Institute is very excited to open the dialogue to address this issue by hosting a Workshop on Depression & Anxiety in the Muslim Community by Dr. Omar Mahmood. Dr. Mahmood will address the Islamic perspectives on depression and anxiety, an overview of mood disorders and how to identify them and delve into suggestions for those who seek help or wish to help.

Instructor Bio: Omar Mahmood was born and raised in Southern California. He completed his undergraduate studies at UCLA where he double-majored in Psychology and Arabic. He then studied the Islamic Sciences at Dar al-Mustafa in the Yemeni valley of Hadramawt. He returned to the US and completed his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Wayne State University. He is currently a neuropsychologist and serves as a national adviser to the Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA).

Class: Madina Institute Workshop: Depression & Anxiety in the Muslim Community When: Sunday, March 16th from 11am - 3pm; Free Brunch from 10-11am Where: Madina Institute Masjid @ 3580 Sweetwater Rd, Duluth, GA 30096 Instructor: Dr. Omar Mahmood, PhD in Clinical Psychology, studied the traditional Islamic sciences at Dar Al-Mustafa in Yemen

Registration: $30; Team Package: $25/registrant for groups of 5 or more; Includes Brunch. To register, please visit

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