A Taste of Light: Al Maghrib Institute Bringing New Seminar, Confidential (Tafsir Surat Nur) Taught

June 6, 2014, 7 p.m.

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North Ave NW Atlanta GA 30332, Bldg #153 Klaus Lecture Auditorium 1443

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Allah (SWT) began Surat'l Nur by saying, "(This is) a Srah which we have sent down and which we have enjoined, (ordained its legal laws)." We live in a society entirely evolved around drama, whether on TV or in our daily lives. Gossip about celebrities and our own neighbors and friends float around us wherever we go. Dignities are stomped to the ground because of false rumors and reputations are ruined. Although it is hard to always believe someone when all evidence is pointed against them, this course teaches us how Allah ordered us to approach rumors and suspicion, and all problems caused by them. Along with gossip and lies, Shaykh Kamal will also help us understand the art of betrayal, deceit, and scandal, and how to deal with it, especially when it is coming from our own loved ones. Surat'l Nur also discusses guidelines for cell phone etiquette, photography, etiquette for visiting one's home, privacy, and of course, the widely debated on hijab. This class will explore: The Guidance from Allah, the light of Allah and the light of Guidance, signs of Creation of Allah, promise of the upper-hand, manners with the Prophet (s.a.w), the punishment for fornication, consequences for those who accuse others of zina without providing witnesses, why fornicating men and women and the Muslims were forbidden to have any marriage relations with them, the Law of Li'an, or the oath of condemnation, the importance of people's reputation and guarding the tongue, rulings for hijab, and much more. Join us this summer during this single weekend seminar from Friday - Sunday, June 6-8, at Georgia Tech, Bldg #153 Klaus Lecture Auditorium 1443 to learn more about the tafseer of Surat'l Nur. Learn more about this upcoming seminar and enroll here: http://almaghrib.org/seminars/quranic-sciences/confidential#info

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