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Sept. 8, 2013, noon

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We believe that the betterment of our society rests in developing children into well-rounded servants of the Earth and servants of the Creator. We believe that children engaging in and having a relationship with nature is a crucial aspect of this process. Therefore, after operating our Pre-K - 8th grade school for 5 years, we are in the process of establishing an urban farm and school where students will have the opportunity to directly be involved with providing the community with organic halal food. Along with a strong emphasis on core academic and religious studies, engaging in gardening and tending to animals will be an integral part of the curriculum. All of this will be nestled within the Risala Gardens community, which will also feature 21 residential homes, InshaAllah. 11.5 acres of land have already been purchased in Stone Mountain, GA and the project is underway. We are just $50,000 away from being able to complete our first phase of the farm and school establishment. The good news is that you can help make this possible by just contributing $100. Please dont delay, give today..and make a difference for tomorrow. If you are not able to give $100, then give whatever you can or commit to finding 10 other people who can give $100. The deadline is September 9th.

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