AMYP & MSA Career Development Workshop

Sept. 7, 2013, 1:30 p.m.

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350 Ferst Drive, N.W. , Atlanta, GA 30332

Event Description

Registration is free before Aug 17th (

Join AMYP's MSA Committee as we host a day-long workshop for college students in the Atlanta area. This informative event will focus on some of the most important issues facing college graduates as they enter the job market.

There will be a panel featuring professionals from different fields including: business, engineering, healthcare, and education.

Our professionals will be helping you with resume critiques, mock interviews, and networking techniques to help you prepare for a professional career.

How is this any different from my college's career workshops? -This event will give you a Muslim perspective on how to deal with working in a professional environment.

Should I bring anything with me? -Yes, please bring your most updated resume.

Will there be a dress code? -Yes, we request that all attendees wear business casual attire.

Do I have to pay to attend? -Costs vary based on when you register for the event: If you register before August 17th, registration is FREE. August 18th-August 31st, registration is $5. September 1st-September 7th, registration is $10.

Please make sure to register here:

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