Muslim Spelling Bee Competition 2013

Oct. 12, 2013, 8 a.m.

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560 Fayetteville Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Event Description

First Muslim Spelling Bee competition 2013 will be held at our School Mohammed Schools of Atlanta (Competition date: Saturday, October 12, 2013. Deadline for registration: October 10th, 2013).


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The registration is individual process and can be done by parents, teachers or school on behalf of the participant.

Registration fee is $50.00

We will offer $10 to every additional student registered by the parents. First the parents/guardians will register and make a payment for all the registered children. The criteria for rebate are that the students registration has to be done at one time.The addresses of the students have to be same. This rebate is not open to cousins staying at the same address. Once payment is made, then the parents have to email us with their details of the registered children. Once receipt of the email, we will review and immediately give the rebate of $10 per child.

OTHER OPPORTUNITIES: We are pleased to inform that the following opportunities are available with the Muslim Spelling Bee Competition: Vendors, Judges, Volunteers, Internship and Announcer for the regional and national competition. If you are interested in assisting with the competition, please contact our school.

Insha-Allah, you are as excited as we are to have this wonderful opportunity come to our city.


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