Fawakih Institute: Year-Round Quranic Arabic (Atlanta)

Oct. 8, 2013, 3 a.m.

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, Atlanta, GA

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The Quranic Arabic curriculum at Fawakih caters to students of all levels. Those who are familiar with reading the Arabic script at the Introductory Level 1 with little background, if any, in grammar or reading comprehension of the Quran and who may not be able to produce Arabic in writing or in speech; who are able to read straightforward texts at the Intermediate Level 2 with the regular use of a dictionary, can identify grammatical parts of speech; who are proficient at reading challenging texts at the Advanced Level 3; and who are proficient at reading nuanced texts at the Advanced Level 4; and those who can begin to analyze tafsir and classical Arabic texts at Advanced Levels 5 and 6. The Program is structured around the required textbooks and employs a skills- based approach to language acquisition. In addition, the course will emphasize parsing and morphology in theory and in practice and translation as a primary method to ensure comprehension at every stage. Through mastery of Arabic grammar, morphology, reading, and vocabulary, the course facilitates language acquisition through both active and passive engagement.

FAST FACTS: Beginner Quranic Arabic (levels 1 and 2) will meet every Thursday starting October 10th, and ending on April 24th, 2014 at Georgia Tech. (All new students will take Fawakih's online diagnostic test to gauge their Quranic Arabic background)

Intermediate Quranic Arabic (level 3) will meet every Tuesday starting October 8th, and ending on April 22nd, 2014 at Medinah Institute.

All major holiday and school related breaks are off (Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Semester Break off)

Integrated online classroom support (testing, exercise answer keys, tutorial videos)

Exact course location will be announced once minimum number of students enroll

The tuition payment includes $150 for books and course materials. Students will also receive login information regarding our online testing system. This system is used to provide students with feedback and allows them to monitor their progress throughout the year.

Tuition Refund Policy No refunds after payment Fawakih's policy does not allow attendence of the course without prior registration

Atlanta Quranic Arabic Instructors: Residential: Level 1- Ustadha Aliya Naim, B.A. in International Affairs and Arabic Language from University of Georgia Level 2- Ustadh Kassim Zaid, Fawakih Instructor Level 2- Ustadh Sami Ahmed, graduate of Qasid Arabic program Level 3- Ustadh Muhammad Mendes, Fawakih Resident Arabic and Tafsir Instructor

Visiting (tentative): Ustadh Fahim Qazi, author of "Quranic Linguistics" textbook series Ustadh Hisham Mahmoud, lecturer of Arabic at Harvard University Ustadh Omer Kamal, lecturer at Masjid al-Farooq Ustadh Saif Omar, Executive Director Fawakih Ustadh Ismail ibn Ali, Deputy Executive Director Fawakih

Further information about each instructor can be found on the Fawakih website: www.fawakih.com

Schedule: A) Tuesday (Intermediate) or Thursday (Beginner) (25 sessions) Classical Text Reading 7:00 7:50pm

Morphology 8:00 8:50pm

Grammar 9:00 9:50pm

B) Arabic Intensive Schedule on select weekends (1 weekend per semester) Morning Session 10:00am 12:30pm

Afternoon Session 2:00pm 4:30pm

Email: info@fawakih.com or kshekhani@fawakih.com with questions, syllabus will be posted online prior to course start.

REGISTER HERE: http://atlantaarabic.eventbrite.com/ DEADLINE TO REGISTER: October 1, 2013

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