GSU MSA Entertainment Night

March 14, 2013, 4:30 p.m.

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Event Description

Entertainment Night will be a night of incredible and joyous fun where many different artists will come together and show off their talents. We will have comedies, spoken word, poetry, nasheeds, and much more!

If you wish to perform, please fill out this form ( and send us a YouTube video of what you want to do by March 7th! No late entrants!

Entertainment Night will feature our special star writer and comedian from New York City, Aman Ali!

Aman Ali is an award winning storyteller in New York City and one of the only young American Muslim voices in the public spotlight today. His passionate and animated style of storytelling draws heavily from his upbringing and travels and continues to gain buzz from people all around the world.

He's made appearances on dozens of media outlets such as CNN, HBO, ABC News, and NPR to talk about his upbringing as a 20-something Muslim born and raised in America.

He is also recognized for being the co-creator of the social media phenomenon 30 Mosques in 30 Days, a 25,000 mile road trip he took to all 50 states in the U.S. with the mission of telling groundbreaking and profound stories about Muslims in America. He continues to share his sharp perspective about social issues as a regular commentator for CNN.

Admission: A table will be set up at the entrance allowing people to register and join with the MSA by paying their dues for the semester. Dues for this event will be $10 and will include a free T-shirt and free admission to every other MSA event for the rest of the semester.

Anyone interested in volunteering, please email us at! Attend the Volunteer Meeting on Monday, March 4th at 1:15 PM in the University Center in Room 402!

After our event is over, be sure to visit the Georgia Tech MSA for their Fast-A-Thon event starting at 7:45 PM where they will have FREE FOOD!! More info can be found here:


Students and guests should be able to park at M Deck (33 Auditorium Place) or T Deck (43 Auburn Avenue).

$7.00 for visitors or students without a parking permit or budget card $4.50 per entry with a valid GSU student parking permit $3.50 per entry with a valid GSU student Parking Budget Card $2.25 per entry after 4 PM in all decks and lots with a valid GSU student parking permit

Also, parking on the street is free after 7pm on weekdays.

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