Family Breakfast at Masjid Al Muminun

Sept. 2, 2012, 3 a.m.

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Event Detials

1127 Hank Aaron Dr SW, Atlanta, GA 30315

Event Description

The family breakfast (formerly the brothers breakfast) is returning on the first and third Sundays to Masjid Al Mu minun bring your family to breakfast, insh'Allah. All plates are $7.00. The event is social entity and the masjid receives 10% of the proceeds. No free plates for anyone. If you have a large family (three or more children) a discount will be offered, insh'Allah. If you do not have money please ask someone (not the event coordinator) to buy your plate, insh'Allah.

This event is not given any money by Masjid Al Mu minun. It is hosted and financed by Brother Abdul H. Abdullah as his way of giving to the community, insh'Allah.

Please bring money to purchase food, insh'Allah.

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