ALIF: An Introduction to Sharia Law

Oct. 14, 2012, 4 p.m.

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345 Market Place, Roswell, GA 30075

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The focus of the presentation will be to provide an overview on Sharia. However, through the presentation and subsequent Q&A a wide ranging discussion will be possible. Practical issues to be addressed will include: (i) the economic implications of Sharia, (ii) the issues/controversy over those concerned that some persons visualize the existence of attempts to have Sharia law replace existing law in the U.S, and (iii) examples of areas of conflict between U.S. secular law and Sharia law. With the recent tumultuous events around the world, we all need to be able to distinguish between the statements and actions of extremists present in every religious community and those central to the communities and supportive of peace for all mankind. Led by Dr. Rashid Naim and Ms. Zaynab Ansari

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