Essentials of Tajweed/Wisam Sharrief

May 11, 2012, 7 p.m.

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955 Harbins Rd, Norcross, GA 30093, USA

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What Will You Accomplish After Taking This Class?

This course is built upon the premise that we will bring your recitation up to PAR After taking this course you will have the ability to understand and implement:

Phonetics: The correct pronunciation of all the Arabic letters and their sounds Accents: The correct implementation of accents Rhythm: Implementation of complex tajweed rules without the complexity or technical terminology

One student commented,

If every Muslim on earth could take this course and benefit from its fruits, we would be one step closer to giving the book of Allah its right. It saddens me to think of people I know who had the choice to take the course but either chose not to take it, or drew the its too hard card and did not attend. The grief comes from the fact that after the course is gone, and one venue to spark the beginning of changing our relationship with the Quran leaves, those who missed its benefits will feel only one thing: regret. The regret could come after hearing their friends speak of the amazing class, how much fun it was, and how worth it the class had been. Another option is that they could feel that regret on the Day of Resurrection when they stand in front of Allah and have to explain why they never put forth effort to learn His Book that was revealed to us. Pre-Requisites for This Course?

Basic ability to read Quran even slowly. If you feel as though you are not at the level to take this class, please go through the Reading Essentials DVDs. These will equip you with the ability to read Quran and get you ready to take this course.

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