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President's Message

With The Name, Allah, Merciful Benefactor, Merciful Redeemer

Welcome, Beloved Website Visitor,

As Salaamu Alaikum (May G-d’s peace be with you).  On behalf of our Board and its full membership, it is my honor to welcome you to our website and provide you with valuable historical information.  Sisters United was formed in 1998.  Throughout the years, many community members and business owners have traveled with  - and have supported -us on this wonderful journey of service and outreach to the citizens of Atlanta, to our faith community, and to diverse  faith communities locally, nationally and globally.  This continues to be a wonderful journey for the pleasure of our Lord -  and one that we plan, with His Help, to move to even higher levels in the years to come.

We humbly invite your support and participation in this sacred journey as well, realizing Almighty G-d always rewards the good that we do (however great or small); He increases our blessings for any  support  we give to good cause.   We clearly see the work of Sisters United over the past decade (and counting) as good work for the best of causes: the Pleasure of Allah, Most High.

For information regarding SUIHS membership categories please go to our membership page.  We also invite your financial support of the important works of Sisters United which include, but are not limited to:

Weekly feeding of hundreds of Atlanta’s  homeless and hungry ( close  to 9,000 yearly)
Ummah (Community)Investment Scholarships
Interfaith Appreciation Benefit Banquets
Interfaith Health and Human Service Conferences
Rites of Unthaa (Virtuous Womanhood) Programs
“Faith and Good Works” –  TV Dawah (education and outreach )- Atlanta Interfaith
Broadcasters(AIB).  These shows air four time weekly on Comcast Cable
Achievement Through Sacrifice Awards Programs
Fathers Brothers and Sons Retreats
Community Educational Forums
Hosting International Visitors
Covering our Operating Cost (office space, supplies, postage, advertising, printing, etc.)

Your support and generous donations will help us move to the next level, acquiring administrative staff to support us in perfecting these endeavors,  as enjoined by our beloved Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him). 

Thank you for generosity, and again, welcome to Sisters in United in Human Service, Inc.

Respectfully and appreciatively,

Khayriyyah Faiz, 
President Emeritus, 

Lisa Harris Pattillo, 
President, SUIHS

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