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SEEMA was co-founded by three Pakistani-American sisters, to honor the memory of their mother, Seema, who passed away 5 years ago. Seema was creative, loving, and ambitious, but was battling mental illness for much of her adult life. Due to the stigma and shame, her true diagnosis was hidden, which resulted in years of confused emotions and reactions on the part of her children.

SEEMA Support Embrace Empower Mental health Advocacy, was developed to bring the conversation of mental health and stigma to the forefront of our Muslim communities, to support one another, rather than suffering alone. 

SEEMA aims to advocate for mental health by way of educational workshops and support groups, providing access to professionals, as well as offering scholarships to encourage graduate studies in the field of mental health and social work.

SEEMA Supports mental health awareness by improving the Muslim community’s understanding of mental health.

SEEMA Embraces mental health illness by assuring those who request information and need mental health care referral have confidential access to the appropriate information and know how to obtain care.

SEEMA Empowers Muslim communities to identify early warning signs of mental illness and subsequently provide programs and an environment that supports recovery and improves resilience for these individuals

SEEMA’s Mental health mission is to promote improved mental well being for all individuals and families within our Muslim communities through education, support, and advocacy.

SEEMA Advocates wellness to individuals, family members, and caregivers by providing support and resources needed to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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