Masjid Qubaa (Islamic Center of Mableton)

373 Veterans Memorial Highway Southwest, Mableton, GA 30126, USA

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Omar Hamid on July 31, 2014, 2:06 a.m.

Masjid Qubaa - Islamic Center of Mableton was founded in Feburary 2010 (1431 AH) originally as a musallah (room of prayer) one block from its current location. The passion of wanting to teach the people in general about the correct Dawah (Salafi) and the need to establish a formal masjid where all religous activities are to take place.

In November 2010 (1431 AH) Masjid Qubaa was formally opened for the pleasure of Allah. Brothers and sisters collectively participated in the construction and support for the Masjid (May Allah put his barakat on you all).

All lectures and classes are given under the supervision of the Imam and are from the books of the people of knowledge. We only take and accept what has been authenticated by proofs from the Book of Allah and the veified Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad ( May Allah's prayers and peace be upon him) and the actions of his Companions and the ones that followed them in righteousness.

All are welcome to come and learn the deen of Islam with us from its right sources. We are not calling to political, terrorist, or devient groups or individuals. But are calling to Allah and his Messanger (May Allahs prayers and peace be upon him) .

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