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I want to fist thank for allowing Islamic Relief the opportunity to share with you who we are, how we function and the different capacity in which we help in Humanitarian Aid.


In 1993, Islamic Relief USA became an independent (and legally separate) member of a global family of collaborating relief organizations that share a common vision, mission and family identity—connected through the use of the “Islamic Relief” name. Islamic Relief USA operates seven regional offices in the United States: in northern California, southern California, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia, which is its headquarter location. These IRUSA offices have been serving to educate, inform, and raise awareness about our various relief and development projects for years. Additionally, IRUSA holds seminars, banquets, concerts, and other public awareness programs across the country to help fund domestic and international projects.


In addition to this, we are humble to present the following:


We have the highest possible rating with Charity Navigator. 4-Starts.
Islamic Relief USA has been serving communities locally and Internationally for over 25 years.
We are very transparent with everything we do (as you will see in this email).
Our Values of Excellence, Sincerity, Social Justice, Compassion and Custodianship is are at the core of our orgainzaiton.
We have great leadership from the top down. Br. Azhar Azeez, the President of ISNA is our National Director. 
Last year alone, Islamic Relief - because of our donors- sponsored 50,000 orphans.
According to the IRS, Islamic Relief USA’s cost of business is only 11-13% (all costs included). For an organization of our size and ability to help so many in need; we sure that the money we are interested with get to those who our donors want assisted.


Attached to this email is a is link to a video that is at the heart of who we are as a organization. Please view the following link :


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