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Why I Support Brian Kemp

Why I Support Brian Kemp

Author Mulham Shbeib by

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Bob Andres / Atlanta Journal-Constit.

As Muslims living in America, we are minorities in terms of our faith, ethnicity, languages, attire, and more. As a Muslim who is voting for Brian Kemp, I am a minority within a minority. I’ve been asked, why Brian?

I am voting for Brian Kemp because, unbeknownst to many, his support of past and current legislation help build, develop, and grow Islamic schools in Georgia. Stacey Abrams wishes to end a program that allocates less than 1/10 of a percent of tax dollars to private schools via a program commonly referred to as GASSO. This legislation annually enriches over 1000 Muslim students and gives Islamic schools over one million each year via scholarships.

Imagine this: A Republican program supporting Islamic schools and a Democratic candidate wishing to do away with that same program. Islamic schools have grown in Georgia throughout the past few years and are developing students to be proud of their faith, while also challenging them academically. It’s possible if Stacey Abrams is elected, these schools will not be able to meet budget deficits anymore. I don’t want to see these schools close down, cut resources, and have to solicit more donations from a community that is already tapped out. As a parent of four daughters in Islamic schools, their identity matters to me.

I am voting for Brian Kemp because, last year Georgia lawmakers past the biggest tax cut in Georgia’s history, benefiting businesses and individuals. Yet, Stacey Abrams wishes to reverse these tax cuts. Instead of raising taxes, why not cut wasteful spending? We are already overtaxed when it comes to property taxes. Why should we have to pay more in income taxes as well?

I am voting for Brian Kemp because Republican leadership has propelled Georgia to consistently rank in the top 5 for best states to do business in. When you have leadership that understands common sense regulations, you attract growth to your state.

I am voting for Brian Kemp because he respects immigration laws. Our families came here legally and waited years before they were able to work, study, or move to America. Many of us still have family wishing to come to America and are doing so through the proper channels. Rewarding illegal behavior is not fair to those who patiently wait for their opportunity.

Are there things I do not agree with Brian on? Yes, but none of us are perfect or asked to be perfect. Finding common ground with people is important, and Brian Kemp will advocate for our children’s education (in both public and private schools) and our state's economy.

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