Surah Yasin Summer Program

June 5, 2017, 8 a.m.


Event Description

This event was originally created by Golden Age Youth.

The Messenger SAWS called Surah Yasin the heart of the Quran. This was not by chance. The message of this Surah is one that embodies the message of the entire Quran and touches the hearts of those who read it in a powerful way.

We are excited to announce our 8 week Quran-focused summer program with the goal of teaching students to memorize understand, and appreciate this beautiful Surah.

Students will have individual time with trained huffadh to improve reading and memorization efficiency. The goal is for each to come out of the program having memorized the Surah, beginning to end, with an enriching understanding of its lessons and stories.

The program will begin June 5th and continue until July 27th. It will be held Monday to Thursday from 11am to 2PM at RCM. The program will feature daily tafsir lessons and activities as well as dynamic weekly guest speakers.

We have crafted a custom curriculum to study the themes within this Surah at an in-depth level focusing on how its lessons can be applied to improve our character as Muslims and our lives. This curriculum includes student notebooks/workbooks with built-in tafsir notes, vocabulary lists, and review questions which all students will receive.

The curriculum is amazing, but there will be plenty of time for outdoor breaks to have fun and make new friends as well!

Registration is now open for boys and girls ages 8-14.

There's no better time to develop your child's relationship with the Quran than this summer! Seats are limited.

Register and learn more at:

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