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Request to Mr. Nasir Habib @ CNN

Request to Mr. Nasir Habib @ CNN

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Mr. Habib, I read with sadness your latest news story from Pakistan, titled "Christian protesters decry Muslim mob's arson spree". It made the front page of, and is now the most read article under "Most popular stories right now". My heart goes out the the Christians who's homes were burnt down - I am sure I cannot imagine the outrage & horror the victims are going through. Our homes are a place of refuge and a sanctuary and burning them down is abhorrent to say the least. I hope that atleast no one was wounded seriously.

I cringe everytime I come across any news from South East Asia or the Middle East in the main stream media. I cringe because it is probably about another bombing, shooting, murder or someother terrible thing that would make Quentin Tarantino's potrayal of violence pale in comparision. I cringe because of the irony that a small group of ignorant Muslims who pillage and destroy life have more control on the image of Islam than the massive number of educated and peace loving Muslims in the world.

Anxiously, I checked out all your stories under your tag line. All the stories I found were nothing but loathsome news from Pakistan. I am not from Pakistan or have never been there, but from what I read, I imagine Pakistan to be a detestible place devoid of laws, morals, structure or substance. Now, I know this is not true because I do have extended family in Pakistan, and they routinely tell me that things are not that bad. I often hear stories of amazing kindness, honesty and courage from simple individuals from there. I know doctors who have given up the luxurious life here in the US and have returned to run free hospitals for abused women. A few years ago, I got an international call from a stranger in Pakistan who wanted to return my aunt's wallet full of American dollars he found in the taxi in Pakistan - the stranger wanted to return the wallet. More surprisingly, he refused to take a reward. You likely know many more similar stories. I am even willing to wager that there are probably some heroes in the arson incident that just took place.

I admire you for reporting these events and you probably have risked your life at times to get us these stories. You are likely a man of integrity and I can see the "Just the facts M'aam" style in your articles. I also know that you do not control the news, you merely report what happens. So my request is simply this: Could you please write some positive and uplifting articles once in a while about Pakistan? It may not make the front page, but you will bring hope to those who believe that things will turn out for the better... some day.

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